Hi, My name is Vanessa!

I've always had a love for photography. However, it wasn't until I went on vacation with my best friend that ended up being a complete game changer for me. In conversation, she really opened my eyes about my photography & my abilities although I was just doing it for a hobby or just when an opportunity arose. Although others in the past had expressed similar feelings to me about it, it was that conversation that really stuck with me. It feels great when others see your potential long before you acknowledge it for yourself! It gave me the push & motivation I needed to do what I love to do today! It's my happy place!

The excitement they have leading up to our session, all the laughs & fun we have during & the look on their faces or reactions when they see their photos is everything to me. It drives me to want to do more & make people as happy as I am! It's so exciting to be a part of creating such unforgettable memories for my "souvenirs" or clients as others may call them. I call you my "souvenir" because each is a reminder of something unique & special. And yes, it'll reflect all over your photos!

Let me help you create your memories for any occasion!

~Vanessa Sutcliffe

VMS Photographs

Souvenir Testimonials

Vera & Curtis B.

Thank you so much for sharing our special day with us! We absolutely love the photos and you were there for every moment we needed. I would recommend you to friends for their occasions as well. It was nice meeting you and hope your business blooms into over drive. Thanks again.